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A little information on the manufacturers of the engines that power the aircraft on this site.

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A Aeronca: United States
Air Cooled Motor Development Co: United States
AlliedSignal: United States
Allison: United States
Argus Motorengesellschaft: Germany
Armstrong Siddeley: United Kingdom
Avco Lycoming: United States
Avro Canada: Canada
B Bayerische Motorenwerke (BMW): Germany
BMW Rolls-Royce: Germany
Bramo: Germany
Bristol/Bristol Siddeley: United Kingdom
C CFE: United States
CFM International: France/United States
Cirrus: United Kingdom
Continental: United States
Curtiss Aeroplane Company: United States
D Daimler-Benz: Germany
de Havilland: United Kingdom
F Fairchild-Caminez: United States
Fiat: Italy
Franklin: United States
G Garrett/AiResearch: United States
General Electric Aircraft Engines: United States
Gnome/Gnome-Rhne: France
H Hirth Motoren: Germany
Hispano-Suiza: Switzerland/Spain/France
Honeywell: United States
I Instytut Lotnictwa: Poland
Isotov: Soviet Union/Russia
Isotta-Fraschini: Italy
Ivchenko: Soviet Union/Ukraine
J Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company: United States
Junkers Motorenbau (Jumo): Germany
K Ken-Royce Motors: United States
Kinner Airplane & Motor Corp: United States
Klimov: Soviet Union/Russia
L LeBlond Engines: United States
Le Rhne: France
Liberty: United States
Lycoming: United States
M Menasco: United States
Mercedes: Germany
Mitsubishi: Japan
Motorlet: Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic
N Nakajima: Japan
O Orenda: Canada
P Packard: United States
Pratt & Whitney: United States
Pratt & Whitney Canada: Canada
R Ranger Engine Division: United States
Reaction Motors: United States
Rearwin Aircraft & Engines: United States
Rolls-Royce: United Kingdom
Rotax: Austria
S Shvetsov: Soviet Union/Russia
Siemens: Germany
T Teledyne Continental Motors: United States
Textron Lycoming: United States
Tumanskii: Soviet Union/Russia
Turbomeca: France
Turbo-Union: Germany/Italy/United Kingdom
W Walter: Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic
Hellmuth Walter Kommanditgesellschaft (HWK): Germany
Warner: United States
Westinghouse: United States
Williams International: United States
Wright Aeronautical: United States
Z Zhuzhou: China

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