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Engines The Company
Model Military Number Name
1929   R-680  
1940 O-235    
1942 O-290    
1942 O-435    
1953 O-320    
1954 O-480    
1955 O-360    
1956   T53  
1957 O-540    
c.1960   T55  
1961 O-720    
c.1969 ALF 502    
1998 O-580    
Based on number of engines produced, Lycoming is the world's largest aircraft engine company.  More than half the general aviation fleet is powered by Lycoming engines.


1908: Lycoming is formed in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

1929: As a subsidiary of E.L. Cord's Auburn Auto Co., Lycoming produces its first aircraft engine, the R-680.

1932: Lycoming Manufacturing becomes part of the Aviation Corporation (AVCO).  The company becomes known as Avco Lycoming.

1951: Lycoming hires Dr. Anselm Franz, designer of the World War II Jumo 004, and begins work on turboshaft powerplants.

1985: Avco is sold to Textron which renames the company Textron Lycoming.

1995: The jet engine business at Stratford, Connecticut is sold to AlliedSignal (now Honeywell).  The piston engine business remains Textron Lycoming.

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