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Model Military Number Name
1932 24 UC-61 Forwarder
1939 62 PT-19* Cornell
1944 78 C-82 Packet
1947 105* C-119 Flying Boxcar
1949 205  C-123 Provider
1955 F-27   Friendship
1972   A-10 Thunderbolt II
1981     Metro III
1998 328JET    
* original model/designation


Model Military Number Name
1926 447    
Sherman Mills Fairchild got his start in the aviation industry by designing his own aerial cameras.  In 1925, Huff-Daland failed to honor a contract with Sherman Fairchild acting as an independent aircraft salesman prompting the creation of Fairchild Aircraft Manufacturing Corp. in 1926.  The U.S. Army's first dedicated photo-reconnaissance aircraft, the F-1 of 1929, was a Fairchild product.

1925: Fairchild hires Harold Caminez and forms Fairchild-Caminez to develop the Caminez 447 engine.

1926: Sherman Fairchild forms Fairchild Aviation Corp.

1929: Fairchild takes over Kreider-Reisner which operates as an separate unit until 1936.  Fairchild-Caminez becomes the Fairchild Engine Corporation.

1936: Fairchild forms the Ranger Engine Division.

1964: Fairchild acquires Hiller Helicopters forming Fairchild Hiller.

1965: Fairchild acquires Republic Aviation forming the Republic Division of Fairchild Hiller.

1966: The parent company changes its name to Fairchild Industries.

1972: Fairchild acquires 90% of Swearingen Aviation, the maker of Metro airliners.

1987: Production costs and schedule problems with Fairchild's last aircraft, the T-46, leads to the announcement that Fairchild Industries is leaving the aircraft business.

1989: Fairchild Industries is acquired by Banner Industries which changes its name to The Fairchild Corporation.  The Fairchild Corporation currently focuses on industrial products. 

1991: The Fairchild Corp sells it's Metro plant in San Antonio, Texas.  The new owners take the name Fairchild Aircraft (later Fairchild Aerospace).

1996: Fairchild Aerospace acquires Dornier to form Fairchild Dornier.

2002: Fairchild Dornier files bankruptcy.  The court appointed administrator determines that the company will have to be sold in pieces.

2003: Fairchild Dornier's assets go to AvCraft (Virginia, USA), M7 Aerospace (Texas, USA) and RUAG Aerospace (Switzerland)


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