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Engines  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1915     Eagle
1915     Falcon
1935 P.V.12   Merlin
1941     Griffin
1944 B.37   Derwent
  RB.41    Nene
1947 RB.53   Dart
c.1949 RB.44   Tay
1950     Avon
1953     Olympus*
1953     Viper*
c.1955 RB.109   Tyne
1960     Pegasus*
1961 250 T63**  
1961 RB.163   Spey
1968   F405 Adour
1983 RB211-535    
1986     Tay
*acquired with Bristol Siddeley
**acquired with Allison
Rolls-Royce plc is a global company providing power on land, sea and air. The company has established leading positions in civil aerospace, defense, marine and energy markets.


1906: The Rolls-Royce Company is formed by Henry Royce and Charles Rolls to manufacture motor cars.

1914: The Admiralty asks Rolls-Royce to develop a 200 hp aero engine.  The resulting V-12 Eagle establishes Rolls-Royce in the aircraft engine field.

1931: The Rolls-Royce "R" powers Britain's entry in the Schneider Trophy race.  It establishes a new world speed record over 400 mph.

1961: Rolls-Royce acquires Napier Aero Engines.

1966: Rolls-Royce acquires Bristol Siddeley.

1971: Financial problems lead to Rolls-Royce to being taken over by the government.

1973: Rolls-Royce sells its motor car business.

1987: Rolls-Royce becomes a private company again.

1995: Rolls-Royce acquires the Allison Engine Company.

1999: Rolls-Royce acquires Vickers plc.

2000: Rolls-Royce acquires 100% interest in BMW Rolls-Royce.

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