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Mitsubishi Corporation

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1939   A6M Zero
1942   J2M Raiden
1945   J8M Shusui
1978 MU-300   Diamond
Model Military Number Name
c.1936 Ha-33    Kinsei
c.1939 Ha-32   Kasei
The first Mitsubishi company was a shipping firm launched in 1871 although it didn't take the name Mitsubishi Shokai until 1874.

Among the first Mitsubishi aircraft was the 1MF.  Designed by Herbert Smith of the Sopwith company, the aircraft was produced by the Mitsubishi Internal Combustion Engine Co.  The 1MF entered production in 1921.

Mitsubishi was the first producer of aircraft engines in Japan.

Mitsubishi produced both aircraft and engines for the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy through World War II.  During World War II it ranked first in production with 38% of the national output of engines.

The allied occupation after the war split the Mitsubishi companies into smaller enterprises.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries continues to produce civil and military aircraft and engines.

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