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Fairchild Model 24

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An enclosed cabin version of the Model 22, the Model 24 first flew in 1932.  By 1935, more Model 24s were sold than any other aircraft in its class.

The U.S. Coast Guard purchased the Model 24 powered by Ranger inverted inline engines and designated them the J2K.  The U.S. Army purchased over 670 Model 24s using the designation UC-61 Forwarder.  Several UC-61s were transferred to the U.S. Navy and were redesignated the GK-1.  The Royal Air Force also purchased the Model 24 and named it the Argus.

Over 1,980 Model 24s were built by the time production ceased in 1947.

Specifications (UC-61)





Type: General/Transport
Engines: one 165 hp (123 kW) Warner R-500-1 "Super Scarab" radial engine
Model 24: Fairchild designation
GK: U.S. Navy transport designation (Warner radial engine)
J2K: U.S. Coast Guard version (Ranger in-line engine)
UC-61: U.S. Army transport (Warner radial engine, named Forwarder)
UC-86: U.S. Army transport (Ranger in-line engine)
Argus: Royal Air Force designation

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