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Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar

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The Aircraft

In 1947 Fairchild developed an improved version of their C-82.  Following service tests it was ordered into production as the C-119.  By the time production ceased in 1955, over 1,100 had been built.

The USAF used the Flying Boxcar extensively during the Korean War and as a gunship in Vietnam.  The C-119 also served in the air

forces of Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, India, Italy and Nationalist China.

Almost 100 C-119s were built for the U.S. Marine Corps under the designation of R4Q.

The remake of the movie Flight of the Phoenix stars Dennis Quaid and the C-119.

Specifications (C-119G)





Type: Transport
Engines: two 3,500 hp (2610 kW) Wright R-3350-85 Duplex Cyclones.  Early C-119B and R4Q-1 models used the 3,250 hp (2420 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-4360-20 Wasp Majors.
C-119: US Air Force Cargo
R4Q: US Marine Corps Transport

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