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Fairchild Model 62

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When the U.S. Army Air Corp needed more primary training aircraft in 1939, they evaluated the Fairchild M62.  It had about the same maximum speed, rate of climb and service ceiling as the USAAC's current biplane trainer, the Stearman PT-13, but had higher wing loading to make it easier for the student to transition to higher performance aircraft.

A version of the Cornell with an enclosed cockpit was produced under license by Fleet Aircraft of Canada.

 Specifications (PT-19)  Designations
Type: Primary Trainer
Engines: one 175 hp (130 kW) Ranger L-440-1
M62: Fairchild designation
PT-19: U.S. Army Air Corps designation
PT-23: PT-19 with R-670 engine
PT-26: PT-19 with enclosed canopy
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