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Vultee Aircraft

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1939 V54 BT-13 Valiant
Vultee Aircraft started life in 1932 building fast executive transports and attack bombers.  Its most famous aircraft was the BT-13/BT-15 Valiant trainer of which over 11,000 were built.

Vultee acquired Consolidated Aircraft in 1943, but as the chosen name for the new company (Consolidated-Vultee) was soon abbreviated to Convair, the name Vultee soon disappeared from the aviation scene.

1932: When Lockheed-Detroit fails, Gerard "Jerry" Vultee forms the Airplane Development Corp. financed by E.L. Cord.

1934: Reformed as the Airplane Manufacturing Corp. owned by AVCO (of which Cord is a partner).

1936: Renamed the Vultee Aircraft Division of the Airplane Manufacturing Corp.

1940: AVCO merges Stinson with Vultee to form Vultee Aircraft Inc.

1943: Vultee acquires Consolidated to form Consolidated-Vultee (Convair).


Vultee Aircraft: 1932-1947
Jonathan Thompson


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