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Lockheed Aircraft

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1934 10 C-36 Electra
1939 18 C-60 Lodestar
1939   P-38 Lightning
1941 37 PV-1 Ventura
1943 L-49 C-69 Constellation
1944   F-80 Shooting Star
1945   P2V Neptune
1947 L-749 C-121 Constellation
1948   T-33 Shooting Star
1949   F-94 Starfire
1953   T2V/T-1 Seastar
1954   F-104 Starfighter
1954   C-130 Hercules
1964   SR-71 Blackbird
1965   C-141 Starlifter
1968   C-5 Galaxy
1974   F-16* Fighting Falcon
1981   F-117 Night Hawk
1990   F-22 Raptor
* through acquisition of General Dynamics
Lockheed Martin's core business areas are systems integration, aeronautics, space, and technology services.  The company's business areas are systems integration, aeronautics, space, and technology services.

1913: Allan and Malcolm Loughead fly the first Lockheed aircraft over San Francisco Bay.

1916: The Loughead brothers form the Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

1926: Loughead Aircraft changes its name to the phonetic spelling--Lockheed Aircraft Company.

1927: The plane that put Lockheed on the map, the Vega, first flies.  Designed by Allan Loughead and Jack Northrop, the six-passenger Vega set numerous speed and distance records.

1929: Lockheed becomes one of several companies acquired by Detroit Aircraft.

1932: Detroit Aircraft fails and Lockheed becomes an independent company again.

1938: Vega Airplane Co. formed as an affiliate of Lockheed.

1943: Lockheed's "Skunk Works" begins to develop a new jet fighter--the P-80 Shooting Star.  Vega loses its separate identity as it is merged into Lockheed.

1995: Lockheed and Martin Marietta merge to form Lockheed Martin.

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