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Stinson Aircraft

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1933 SR AT-19 Reliant
1939 105 L-5 Sentinel
1945 108   Voyager
Stinson Aircraft (1926 - 1948) designed and manufactured general aviation and light commercial aircraft.


1926: Eddie Stinson forms Stinson Airplane Syndicate to build Stinson Detroiter for Detroit Chamber of Commerce.  Organization renamed Stinson Aircraft in the same year.

1931: Controlling interest sold to Errett Cord.  Cord merges Stinson with AVCO (Aviation Corp.) making Stinson a division of the Aviation Manufacturing Corp., a subsidiary of AVCO.

1940: Stinson and Vultee merge as Vultee-Stinson Division within AVCO.

1943: Vultee acquires Consolidated forming Consolidated-Vultee (Convair).  Stinson remains a division within the new company.

1948: Convair sells Stinson Division to Piper.  

1962: Piper sells inventory and rights to Univair  which makes replacement parts for many discontinued general aviation aircraft.

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