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Model Military Number Name
1946 36 B-36 Peacemaker
1946   L-13  
1947 240 T-29/C-131 ConvairLiner
1953 8 F-102 Delta Dagger
1956 4 B-58 Hustler
1956 8-24 F-106 Delta Dart

Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft was formed in 1943 when Consolidated Aircraft was acquired by Vultee.  The new company name was often abbreviated Convair.

Convair is probably best known for its delta-wing aircraft (e.g. F-102, F-106, B-58) and its massive bomber, the B-36.

In 1952, the Electric Boat Company of Groton, Connecticut purchased Convair and, merging it with Canadair, formed General Dynamics.  Convair kept its identity as a division of General Dynamics until 1961.





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