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Model Military Number Name
1923 Model 1 PT-1 Trusty
1936 Model 28 PBY Catalina
1939 Model 32 B-24 Liberator
The Consolidated Aircraft Corporation was founded by Reuben H. Fleet in 1923 in Buffalo, New York.

Consolidated's first aircraft was a trainer based on a Dayton-Wright design.  This first aircraft sold well to the Army as the PT-1 and the Navy as the NY-1.

Consolidated was well known for its flying boats of the 1920's and 30's culminating in the PBY Catalina and PB2Y Coronado.  Perhaps the most famous Consolidated aircraft was the B-24 Liberator.

1923: Reuben H. Fleet, manager of Gallaudet, forms Consolidated Aircraft Corp. by merging Gallaudet with Dayton-Wright.

1928: Acquires Thomas-Morse

1929: Acquires Fleet Aircraft

1935: Moves to San Diego, California

1940: Takes over Hall Aluminum Aircraft

1943: Merges with Vultee to form Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft (Convair).


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Consolidated Aircraft
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