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Stinson AT-19 Reliant

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The initial Stinson SR Reliant was introduced in the summer of 1933.  The Reliant was built in several versions varying between four and five-seats and using different engines.

Two Stinson SR-5 Reliants were purchased by the Navy in the mid-thirties.  The Reliant and also saw service in the U.S. Coast Guard under the designation RQ-1.

Vultee built 500 Stinson Reliants for the Royal Navy during World War II.  For Lend-Lease purposes, the Reliant was designated the AT-19.

Specifications (AT-19)





Type: Advanced Trainer
Engines: one 280 hp Lycoming R-680-13 radial engine
SR: company designation
RQ-1: U.S. Navy/Coast Guard transport designation
AT-19: U.S. Army advanced trainer designation
UC-81: U.S. Army Utility transport designation
V77: Vultee-Stinson designation when modified after merger

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