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McDonnell, McDonnell Douglas

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1948   XF-85 Goblin
1951   F3H Demon
1954   F-101 Voodoo
1957   ADM-20 Quail
1958   F-4 Phantom II
1960   AV-8 Harrier1
1970 DC-10 KC-10 Extender
1972   F-15 Eagle
1974   T-45 Goshawk1
1977 MD-80    
1978   F/A-18 Hornet
1990 MD-11    
1 license built through agreement with BAe
1928: James McDonnell organizes J.S. McDonnell & Associates to build the Doodlebug for the Guggenheim safe airplane competition.

1933: James McDonnell joins The Glenn L. Martin Company.

1939: James McDonnell strikes out on his own and establishes the McDonnell Aircraft Corp. in St. Louis.

1945: The McDonnell FH-1 Phantom, the Navy's first jet fighter, first flies.

1958: First flight of the McDonnell F4H (F-4) Phantom II.

1967: McDonnell and Douglas companies merge to form the McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

1984: McDonnell Douglas acquires Hughes Helicopters.

1997: McDonnell Douglas is acquired by Boeing.

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