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McDonnell F3H Demon

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Originally designed as a day fighter, the prototype first flew in 1951.  Problems with the planned powerplant (the Westinghouse J40) and program change to a all-weather night fighter delayed the Demon's delivery until 1956.

The Demon was withdrawn in 1964 to be replaced by more capable fighters that became available during the long development of the Demon.

The F3H was redesignated the F-3 in 1962.

Specifications (F3H-2)





Type: Fighter
Engine: one 9,700 lb (4400 kg) thrust Allison J71-A-2E turbojet (14,000 lb (6350 kg) thrust with afterburner)
F3H: U.S. Navy (prior to 1962)
F-3: U.S. Navy (after 1962)

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McDonnell F3H Demon
Steve Ginter

F3H Demon in action




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