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Model Military Number Name
1935 H-1   Racer
1947 H-4   Hercules
1956 269 TH-55 Osage
In 1935, Howard Hughes, the eccentric millionaire, developed the H-1 Racer which broke the world landplane speed record the same year.  Hughes Aircraft designed and developed several prototypes (including the H-4 Hercules flying boat) until the breakthrough Model 200 helicopter of 1957.

In the 1950s, Hughes Aircraft changed its focus to radar, avionics and missile systems...and helicopters.  The helicopter business became its own division in 1972.


1936: Hughes Aircraft is formed as a division of Hughes Tool Co.

1972: Hughes Tool is reorganized as the Summa Corp. and Hughes Helicopter is organized as a new subsidiary.

1984: The Helicopter Division is sold to McDonnell-Douglas.

1985: Hughes Aircraft is sold to General Motors.

1990s: General Motors sells off the various businesses of Hughes Aircraft.




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