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Model Military Number Name
1933 G-4 J2F Duck
1935 G-11 F3F  
1937 G-36 F4F Wildcat
1941   TBF Avenger
1942 G-50 F6F Hellcat
1944 G-51 F7F Tigercat
1944 G-58 F8F Bearcat
1947 G-75 F9F-4 Panther
1947 G-64 SA-16 Albatross
1948 G-70 AF-2 Guardian
1951   F9F-6 Cougar
1952 G-89 S2F Tracker
1954 G-98 F11F Tiger
1957 G-164   AgCat
1959 G-134 OV-1 Mohawk
1960   E-2 Hawkeye
1960 G-128 A-6 Intruder
1966 G-1159 C-11 Gulfstream II
1970 G-303 F-14 Tomcat
Leroy Grumman gained aeronautical experience with the U.S. Navy and Loening Aircraft.  When Loening was sold to Keystone in 1929, Grumman struck out on his own forming the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. in 1930.

Grumman's first contract with the Navy was to produce a new amphibious float (model G-1)for floatplanes.  The unique method used to retract the landing-gear into the float was duplicated in the company's first aircraft, the FF-1 fighter of 1931.  The FF-1 marked the beginning of Grumman's dominance of the U.S. naval fighter market until the rise of McDonnell Aircraft in the mid-1950s.

Grumman did well in both the civil and military markets after World War II, developing Gulfstream executive aircraft, the F-14 Tomcat and the Apollo Lunar Lander.

In 1978, Grumman sold it's Gulfstream operations to Gulfstream American

By the early 1990's there was no place left for a smaller successful aircraft aircraft and Grumman was acquired by Northrop to form Northrop Grumman.


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