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Loening Aeronautical Engineering

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1923   OA-1/OL-1  
Formed in 1917, Loening's first product was the M-8 fighter.  Its high performance led to a U.S. Army order for 5,000 that was cancelled at the Armistice.

Loening continued designing fighters after the war; however, the OL two-seat observation amphibian was Loening's most famous aircraft.  Leroy Grumman continued developing this aircraft into the J2F Duck after he left Loening in 1930.


1917: Loening Aeronautical Engineering is established by Grover Loening.

1928: Loening merges with Keystone to form Keystone-Loening.

1938: Loening ends operations.


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