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Sikorsky Aircraft

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1935 S-43 JRS  
1943 S-51 R-5/H-5 Dragonfly
1949 S-55 UH-19 Chickasaw
1953 S-56 H-37 Mojave
1954 S-58 H-34 Choctaw
1959 S-61 CH-3 Sea King
1958 S-62 HH-52 Seaguard
1964 S-65 CH-53 Stallion
1974 S-70 UH-60 Black Hawk
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced helicopters.


1909: Igor Sikorsky experiments with rotory-wing aircraft

1913: Working for the Russian Baltic Railroad Car Factory, Sikorsky flies the world's first four-engine aircraft, the S-21 "Russkii Vitiaz".

1918-1919: Sikorsky is forced to leave Russia and arrives in New York.

1923: Igor Sikorsky starts the Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corp.  The name was changed to the Sikorsky Manufacturing Corp. in 1925.

1928: Sikorsky Aviation Corp. joins Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Chance Vought and Hamilton Standard to form United Aircraft and Transport Corp.

1920s - 1930s: Sikorsky focuses on amphibians and flying boats.  These aircraft become famous through their use by Pan American Airways.

1934: The Air Mail Act orders airline companies to divorce themselves from aircraft manufacturers.  United Aircraft and Transport Corp. splits into three independent companies--United Airlines, United Aircraft Corp. and Boeing Airplane Co.

1939: Sikorsky merges with Vought to form the Vought-Sikorsky Division of United Aircraft.  Sikorsky's first helicopter (the VS-300) flys.

1943: Sikorsky again becomes a separate division of United Aircraft.

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