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Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly

The tandem two-seat VS-336 was designed to improve the R-4 Hoverfly's performance and first flew in 1943.  Accepted into U.S. Army Air Force service as the R-5 Dragonfly and as the HO2S in the U.S. Navy.

The "D" model changed the landing gear to a nosewheel configuration.  A civil four-seat version--the S-51--first flew in 1946 and was purchased by the U.S. Air Force as the H-5 and U.S. Navy as the HO3S.

This helicopter saw extensive action in Korea rescuing United Nations pilots shot down behind enemy lines.

Specifications (R-5A)





Type: Helicopter
Engines: one 450 hp (336 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-5 radial piston engines
VS-337: Vought-Sikorsky model number
S-51: Sikorsky model number
HO3S: U.S. Navy designation
R-5: U.S. Army "Rotorcraft" designation (before 1947)
H-5: U.S. Air Force "Helicopter" designation (after 1947)

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