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Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk

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The Sikorsky S-70 was designed as a tactical transport helicopter to  replace the Bell UH-1.  The prototype first flew in 1974 with the first UH-60 Black Hawk entering service in 1979.

When the U.S. Navy required a multi-use helicopter to replace the SH-2 Seasprite and SH-3 Sea King, the UH-60 found a new role and designation.  The SH-60 Seahawk is currently the U.S. Navy's primary anti-submarine helicopter. 

The S-70 has acquired almost as many names as it has missions, including Jayhawk, Rescue Hawk and Desert Hawk. My favorite nickname was given to the U.S. Army Special Ops MH-60s.  So much equipment was attached to the aircraft that it acquired the name "Velcro Hawk".

 Specifications (SH-60B)  Designations
Type: Anti-Submarine Helicopter
Engines: two 1,690 hp (1261 kW) General Electric T700-401 turboshafts
S-70: Sikorsky model number
UH-60: Tactical transport version
EH-60: Electronics mission version
VH-60: VIP transport version (including Marine One)
SH-60: Anti-submarine version
MH-60: Combat rescue/special operations version
HH-60: SAR version
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H-60 Black Hawk in action

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