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Model Military Number Name
1948 CL-30 T-33 Silver Star
1960 CL-41  CT-114 Tudor
1991 CRJ   Regional Jet
Canadair traces its history to 1911 when the British shipbuilding firm Vickers Sons & Maxim opened a subsidiary in Canada headquartered in Montreal.

At the end of World War I, Vickers began to design and build flying boats for the Royal Canadian police.  By 1924, business was good enough to organize a design staff which quickly became known for its ability to improve on the designs Canadian Vickers was building under license.

World War II put a huge demand on Canadian Vickers to produce both ships and aircraft.  Unable to support the production of both, Canadian Vickers aircraft operations were used to form Canadair as a separate entity in October 1944.  The new company's first job was to continue production of the PBY Canso amphibian patrol aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air Force at Cartierville Airport.

In 1947, Canadair was acquired by the Electric Boat Company of Groton, Connecticut.  Electric Boat also acquired Consolidated-Vultee (Convair) in 1952 and merged it with Canadair to form General Dynamics.

Canadair remained a subsidiary of General Dynamics until re-acquired by the Canadian government in 1976.

Canadair was sold by the government to Bombardier, a Quebec based company, in 1986.


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