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Vickers Ltd

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Model Military Number Name
1948     Viscount
Vickers Ltd, a giant shipbuilding, engineering and arms conglomerate established an aviation department in 1911.  The company's first successful aircraft was the F.B.5 "Gunbus" of 1915.

Famous Vickers aircraft include the Vimy (first non-stop flight across the Atlantic in 1919), the Wellington bomber of World War II, the Viscount turbo-prop airliner and the VC10 jet airliner.

Vickers is also famous for the R.100 airship of 1930.

1911: Vickers Sons & Maxim Ltd forms Vickers Ltd (Aviation Department).  Vickers builds REP monoplanes.

1928: Vickers acquires Supermarine which continues to operate as a separate entity.

1938: Vickers merges with Armstrongs forming Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd.

1960: Vickers-Armstrongs merges with Bristol Aircraft and English Electric to form the British Aircraft Corp (BAC).


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