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Supermarine Aviation

Aircraft The Company
Model Military Number Name
1936     Spitfire
Supermarine (1914 - 1960) was known for its flying-boats of the 1920s and 1930s, its Schneider Cup winning seaplanes of 1927-1931 and the Spitfire fighter of World War II.
1903: Noel Pemberton-Billing begins flying experiments.

1914: Pemberton-Billing Ltd is formed to design and manufacture aircraft.  The company's first aircraft, the PB.1, is a flying boat known as the Supermarine.

1916: Pemberton-Billing sells his aircraft company to Hubert Scott-Paine who renames the company Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd.

1927: Supermarine seaplanes win three consecutive Schneider Cup races (1927, 1929 and 1931).

1928: Vickers acquires Supermarine which continues to operate as a separate entity.

1938: Supermarine remains a separate division when Vickers merges with Armstrongs forming Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd.

1960: Supermarine loses its identity when Vickers-Armstrongs merges with Bristol Aircraft and English Electric to form the British Aircraft Company (BAC).


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