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Model Military Number Name
1933   I-16 Ishak
1938   I-153 Chaika
Nikolai Nikolayevich Polikarpov was, with Tupolev, the most famous Russian aircraft designer prior to World War II.  Polikarpov worked with Igor Sikorsky prior to 1917 and was the chief designer of State Aircraft Factory Number One prior to the establishment of design bureaus.

Polikarpov was famous for light aircraft like the U-2 (renamed the Po-2 in his honor) utility biplane and biplane fighter aircraft.  The Polikarpov monoplane fighter I-16 was possibly the best fighter in the world when it went into production in 1934.

Polikarpov's designs could not compete with those of Yakovlev, MiG and LaGG and his design bureau was closed at his death in 1944.

Note: Following the Soviet method of designating aircraft, Polikarpov was a design bureau and not a manufacturer of aircraft.


Polikarpov Fighters in action Part 1

Polikarpov Fighters in action Part 2

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