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Model Military Number Name
1941 Tu-2   Bat*
* NATO code name
The Tupolev design bureau is known for its bomber and commercial aircraft.  Its most famous aircraft are the ANT-20 "Maxim Gorky", the Tu-95 "Bear" turbo-prop intercontinental bomber and the Tu-144 supersonic transport.

Note: Following the Soviet method of designating aircraft, Tupolev was a design bureau and not a manufacturer of aircraft.  The Russian aircraft industry is in the process of adapting itself to the new economy by integrating design bureaus and production facilities.


1922: Alexei Nickolayevich Tupolev chairs the newly formed Commission on the Construction of Metallic Airplanes.

1936: The commission is recognized as a design bureau and formally established as such.

1990s: Tupolev makes the transition from design bureau to joint-stock company becoming the Tupolev Scientific and Technological Aviation Complex (Tupolev ANTK) or ANTK Tupolev or AO ANTK Tupolev.


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