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Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1961 Mi-2   "Hoplite" *
1980 Mi-17   "Hip" *
1969 Mi-24    "Hind" *
* NATO code name
The Mil Design Bureau was organized under Mikhail L. Mil in 1947.  Its first helicopter, the Mi-1 first flew in 1948.  Since then, Mil has developed a full range of helicopters, from light utility to heavy transport.  Perhaps the most well known Mil helicopter outside of Russia is the Mi-24 combat assault helicopter (NATO code name "Hind").

The difficulties of manufacturing a new type of aircraft (the helicopter) lead to Mikhail Mil being appointed plant manager at the plant responsible for producing Mil designs in the early 1950s.  By the 1960s, Mil produced over 95% of the helicopters in the Soviet Union.

In 1993 the Mil Design Bureau and Moscow Helicopter Plant were transformed to an open joint-stock company--the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.

Note: Following the Soviet method of designating aircraft, Mil was a design bureau and not a manufacturer of aircraft.  The Russian aircraft industry is in the process of adapting itself to the new economy by integrating design bureaus and production facilities.

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