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Allison J35 Turbojet

The Engine Specifications
Developed by General Electric in parallel with the Whittle-based J33, the J35 was the U.S. Air Forces first axial-flow compressor turbojet.  The J35 first flew in the XP-84 in 1946.

Like the J33, responsibility for developing the J35 was transferred to Allison in 1946.  More than 14,000 had been built by the time production ended in 1955.

Axial turbojet
11-stage axial compressor
single-stage axial turbine
Mass flow: 85 lbs/sec 
Pressure ratio: 4.9
Models Used by
J35-A-11: 6,000 lb (26.7 kN) thrust
J35-A-15C: 4,000 lb (17.8 kN) thrust
J35-A-17: 4,900 lb (21.8 kN)
J35-A-35: 7,200 lb (32 kN) afterburning thrust
Bell X-5
Douglas D-558-I Skystreak
Republic F-84 Thunderjet
Northrop F-89 Scorpion
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