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Model Military Number Name
1928 CH-200   Pacemaker
1930 P C-27 Aircruiser
1944 7 L-16 Citabria1
1966 17-30   Viking
1 acquired with Champion
Founded by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca in 1927, Bellanca Aircraft was known for its efficient, low operating cost aircraft.  In the 1920s and 1930s, Bellanca aircraft were famous for world record endurance and distance flights.  Lindbergh's first choice for his New York to Paris flight was a Bellanca.  The company's insistence on selecting the crew drove Lindbergh to Ryan.


1922: Roos-Bellanca Aircraft is formed

1923: Roos-Bellanca merges with Wright Aeronautical to form Wright-Bellanca.

1927: Giuseppe Bellanca acquires the rights to the WB-2 Columbia and forms the Columbia Aircraft Division of Bellanca Aircraft.

1955: Bellanca Aircraft sold to Northern Aircraft (later named Downer then International Aircraft or Inter-Air).

1967: Bellanca name resurfaces as Bellanca Sales, a subsidiary of Miller Flying Service of Inter-Air.

1970: Bellanca Sales acquires Champion Aircraft and changes name to Bellanca Aircraft

1978: Bellanca Aircraft becomes a subsidiary of Anderson Greenwood.

1982: Bellanca Aircraft assets sold to Viking Aviation.

2002: Viking assets acquired by Alexandria Aircraft.

1968: Giuseppe Bellanca and son August restart the original Bellanca company.

1983: This new company becomes AviaBellanca Aircraft


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