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Ryan Aeronautical

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1926 M-1    
1933 S-T PT-22 Recruit
1946   L-17 Navion
1951   AQM-34 Firebee
Tubal Claude Ryan started Ryan Airlines in 1925 with San Diego partner Ben Franklin Mahoney.  Conversions of existing aircraft lead to Ryan's first original design, the M-1 in 1926.


1927: Ryan sells the company to his partner who renames the company Mahoney Aircraft.  Ryan's B-1 design was modified for Charles Lindberg's "Spirit of St. Louis".

1928: As Lindberg's aircraft is known as the Ryan NYP, Mahoney changes the name of his company to Mahoney-Ryan Aircraft.

1929: Detroit Aircraft acquires Mahoney-Ryan.

1931: Detroit Aircraft fails.

meanwhile...back in San Diego

1934: T Claude Ryan forms Ryan Aeronautical.  His flight school needs a good trainer and he designs the S-T.

1947: Ryan acquires rights to North American's Navion.

1969: Ryan is acquired by Teledyne.

2003: A new Ryan Aerospace is established by Hiram Ryan.


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