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English Electric Canberra
Martin B-57 Canberra

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The Canberra was designed by English Electric as a medium bomber to replace the outstanding de Havilland Mosquito.  The prototype first flew in 1949.

When the Korean War began in June 1950, the U.S. Air Force looked for a jet replacement for the Douglas B-26 Invader.  The English Electric Canberra was selected with Martin as the prime contractor for production.

The Canberra saw service in Vietnam in bomber and electronic reconnaissance missions.  Other Canberras were also used as weather aircraft and (with larger wings) for high altitude reconnaissance.  The B-57 was withdrawn from combat by 1971 although used by Air National Guard units into the early 1980's.

The last versions of the B-57 Canberra were conversions made by General Dynamics.

Specifications (B-57B)





Type: Bomber
Engines: two 7,200 lb (3266 kg) thrust Wright J65-W5 turbojets (replaced by 16,000 lb (71.2 kN) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-11 turbofans in the RB-57F & WB-57F)
Canberra: RAF designation.  Early Canberra's had a Avon RA.3 Mk 1 engine
B-57: U.S. Air Force bomber
EB-57: U.S. Air Force electronic countermeasures version
RB-57: U.S. Air Force reconnaissance version
WB-57: U.S. Air force weather reconnaissance version

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