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Douglas A-26 Invader

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The Aircraft

Designed in response to a 1940 U.S. Army Air Force requirement for an attack aircraft, the first of 1,300 A-26 were delivered in 1944.  A-26s fought in both Europe and the Pacific.

In 1948, the USAF eliminated the Attack category and re-designated the Invader as the B-26 (the Martin Marauder then being out of inventory).  As the B-26, the Invader saw extensive service in Korea.  By the end of the

war, the Invader was considered obsolete and replaced by the B-57.

Counter-insurgency demands in Vietnam saw the resurrection of the B-26, again re-designated the A-26 due to a consolidation of USAF and Navy designations in 1962.  Invaders remained in service well into the 1970s.

Specifications (B-26B)





Type: Attack/Bomber
Engines: two 2,000 hp (1491 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-2800-27 Double Wasps
A-26: US Army (pre-1948)
JD-1: US Navy
B-26: US Air Force (1948-1962)
A-26: US Air Force (post-1962)

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A-26 Invader in action

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