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Tupolev Tu-2

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Designed by Andrei Tupolev, the Tu-2 performed well and had flying qualities close to those of single-engine fighters.

The prototype, known as the ANT-58 first flew in 1941.  Development continued through designations ANT-59 and ANT-60 until the definitive ANT-61 entered service in 1942.  The aircraft was re-designated Tu-2 in 1943.

Over 2,500 Tu-2s were produced during World War II and the immediate post-war period.  The Tu-2 fought in the Korean conflict with North Korean forces and equipped the air arms of China, Poland and Yugoslavia.

The NATO reporting name for the Tu-2 was Bat.

 Specifications  Designations
Type: Bomber
Engine: two 1,850 hp (1380 kW) ASh-82FNV radial engines
Aircraft 103: Design number assigned to Tupolev design bureau
ANT-61: pre-1943 designation for production model
Tu-2: post-1943 designation
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