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Etrich Taube

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The Taube (Dove) was designed by Igo Etrich of Austria and first flew in 1910.  Its stability in flight made it attractive to pre-war flyers and the design was built by many aircraft manufacturers, including Albatros, Gotha, Rumpler, DFW, Halberstadt, Jeannin, Kondor, Krieger, LVG and Lubeck-Travemunde.

Due to its availability in large (for the time) numbers, the Taube was pressed into service by the Central Powers as a scout plane at the outbreak of World War I.  The Taube's lack of speed and maneuverability saw it quickly relegated to the role of trainer.

Specifications (Rumpler 1913)


Type: Observation
Engines: one 120 hp (89 kW) Mercedes D.IIIa in-line engine

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