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Mercedes D.III

The Engine  Specifications
The Mercedes D.III was a development of earlier Daimler in-line four engines.  In fact, the "D" designation was for Daimler.  The in-line six became almost standard for Central Power aircraft engines the First World War.

By war's end, the D.III was producing 185hp with thousands having been built.

The D.III was also the first to successfully use a steel cylinder with welded water jackets (Bill Gunston, Aero Engines)

Six cylinder,  in-line piston engine
Bore/Stroke: 140 x 160mm
Displacement:  902 cubic inches (14.8  liters)
 Models  Used by
D.IIIa: 120 hp (89 kW) with water/methanol injection
Rumpler Taube
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