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Learjet, Inc.

Aircraft The Company
Model Military Number Name
1963 23    
1973 35 C-21  
1980 2100   Futura
Developing its first aircraft from a Swiss jet fighter, Learjet has always been known for its sleek, high-performance business jets.  This legacy continues even though the Learjet is no longer an independent company.
1960: Bill Lear forms the Swiss American Aircraft Corp. (SAAC) to develop a business jet based on the Swiss FFA P-16 jet fighter.

1962: Lear brings the project to Wichita, Kansas and forms the Lear Jet Corp.

1963: The prototype of the first Learjet (the Lear Jet 23) flies.

1967: Majority holding is acquired by Gates Rubber and the company name is changed to Gates Learjet.

1987: Integrated Acquisition buys the majority holding and renames the company Learjet, Inc.

1990: Bombardier acquires Learjet as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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