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Pratt & Whitney

Engines The Company
Model Military Number Name
1926   R-1340 Wasp
1927   R-1690 Hornet A
1929   R-1860 Hornet B
1930   R-985 Wasp Junior
1931   R-1830 Twin Wasp
1932   R-1535 Twin Wasp Jr.
1939   R-2800 Double Wasp
1942   R-2000 Twin Wasp
1942   R-4360 Wasp Major
    J42 Nene
1949   J48 Tay
1950 PT2 T34  
1951 JT3 J57  
1955 JT4 J75  
1958 JT3D TF33  
c.1959 JT8 J52  
1960 JT12 J60/T73  
1962 JT11B J58  
1964 JT8D    
1964 JTF10A TF30  
1968 JT9D    
1972 JTF22 F100  
1983 PW2000 F117  
1990   F119  
In 1925, Frederick Rentschler and a group of engineers from Wright Aeronautical decided to start their own aircraft engine company.  Rentschler approached the Pratt & Whitney Machine Tool Division of Niles-Bement-Pond to provide funding and production facilities for a new company named The Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company.

Pratt & Whitney's first engine, the Wasp radial engine, was so successful it lead the U.S. Navy to announce it would buy no more water-cooled engines.

Pratt & Whitney got its start in gas turbines license building the Westinghouse J30.  Today their engines power over half the world's commercial fleet.  Pratt & Whitney is now a division of United Technologies.


1860: Francis Pratt and Amos Whitney found The Pratt & Whitney Company in Hartford, Connecticut.

1925: Frederick Rentschler and a group of engineers from Wright Aeronautical approach Pratt & Whitney to establish The Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company.

1929: Pratt & Whitney merges with Boeing, Chance Vought, Sikorsky and Hamilton Standard to form United Aircraft and Transport Corp.

1934: The Air Mail Act orders airline companies to divorce themselves from aircraft manufacturers.  United Aircraft - Transport Corp. splits into three independent companies--United Airlines, United Aircraft Corp. and Boeing Airplane Co.

1975: United Aircraft changes its name to United Technologies.

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