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Model Military Number Name
1952 PD-22 CH-12 Workhorse
1958 107 CH-46 Sea Knight
1961 114 CH-47 Chinook
Founded by Frank Piasecki, holder of the first U.S. helicopter pilot's license, Piasecki developed the first successful tandem rotor helicopter...the PV-3 of 1945.


1941: Frank Piasecki and Harold Venzie form PV Engineering Forum to develop rotorcraft.  The organization is incorporated in 1943.

1946: The company is renamed Piasecki Helicopter Corporation.

1956: A "bitter managerial disagreement" leads Piasecki and many associates to resign.  The company is renamed the Vertol Aircraft Corporation.  (Frank Piasecki forms a new Piasecki Aircraft)

1960: Boeing acquires Vertol Aircraft to form Boeing Vertol.

1987: Boeing Vertol is renamed Boeing Helicopters.


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