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North American F-82 Twin Mustang

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The F-82 was the last piston-engined fighter to be purchased in quantity by the USAF.  Although it appears to be two P-51 Mustangs on one wing, the Twin Mustang was, except for a family resemblance , an entirely new design.

The F-82's purpose was to provide a fighter with a pilot and co-pilot/navigator to reduce fatigue on long-range bomber escort missions.  Delivery did not begin until 1946 and radar-equipped F-82's were used extensively as night fighters.

Twin Mustangs based in Japan were credited with destroying the first three North Korean aircraft on June 27, 1950.

Specifications (F-82B)





Type: Fighter
Engine: two 1,695 hp (1264 kW) Packard V-1650 piston engines
P-82: U.S. Army pursuit aircraft (prior to 1948)
F-82: U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft (after 1948)

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