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North American P-51 Mustang
North American A-36 Apache

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  The Mustang was originally a North American design made to a British specification. The first Mustangs (and their attack derivative, the A-36 Apache) were limited to low altitudes due to their Allison engine. It was the installation of the British Merlin engine that turned the Mustang into arguably the best all-round fighter of WWII.

The Mustang again saw action in Korea as a ground-attack aircraft.  Almost 15,000 were produced.

 Specifications (P-51A)  Designations
Type: Fighter
Engine: one 1,100 hp (820 kW) Allison V-1710-F3R
P-51: U.S. Army pursuit aircraft
F-6A: U.S. Army photo reconnaissance version
A-36: U.S. Army attack version
F-51: U.S. Air Force re-designation of pursuit version to "fighter"
 Specifications (P-51D)
Type: Fighter
Engine: one 1,695 hp (1264 kW) Packard V-1650-7, license built Rolls-Royce Merlin 
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