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North American BT-14 Yale

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The Aircraft
In 1934, North American proposed a new basic trainer to replace the Seversky BT-8 that was tricky to fly and expensive to maintain.  The NA-16 first flew in 1935 and was purchased by the U.S. Army Air Corps as the BT-9.

North American improved the design in 1937 by replacing the BT-9's fabric-covered aft fuselage with metal and installing a more powerful engine.  The resulting aircraft was designated the BT-14.

Over 100 BT-14s built for France were diverted to Canada after the fall of France in 1940 and designated Yale.

The next series of improvements (including retractable landing gear) to the BT-14 resulted in the AT-6 Texan.

Specifications (BT-14)





Type: Trainer
Engine: one 450 hp (335 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-985-25 radial piston engine.
BT-9: early version with fabric-covered aft fuselage
BT-10: BT-9 modified for the U.S. Navy (purchased as the NJ-1)
BT-14: BT-9 with metal-covered aft fuselage and more powerful engine
Yale: British designation

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