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North American AT-6/SNJ Texan/Harvard

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A development of the BT-9/BT-14, the AT-6 Texan was the most extensively used trainer of all time with more than 17,000 built.

The North American NA-26 was developed as a Basic Combat trainer and originally designated the BC-1.  The prototype BC-1 first flew in 1937.   A change of role to advanced trainer saw a new designation--the AT-6 in 1940.

AT-6's sold to the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada were named the Harvard.  The U.S. Navy designated this trainer the SNJ.  Australian AT-6s built under license by CAC were called the Wirraway.

Beginning in 1949, the U.S. Air Force began a program to re-manufacture existing AT-6 airframes.  These reconditioned and updated aircraft received new serial numbers and were designated the T-6.

Specifications (SNJ-5)





Type: Trainer
Engine: one 600 hp (447 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1 radial piston engine.
NA-26: North American design number
BC-1: U.S. Army Basic Combat Trainer
AT-6: U.S. Army Advanced Trainer
SNJ: U.S. Navy Scout Trainer
T-6: U.S. Air Force Trainer
LT-6: U.S. Air Force Liaison/ Forward Air Controller (named Mosquito)

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