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Douglas B-66 Destroyer

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While the U.S. Navy was working on the A3D Skywarrior, the U.S. Air Force expressed interest in a land-based version.  The resulting B-66 Destroyer, although visually similar, had few interchangeable components.  The prototype first flew in 1954.

Like the naval version, the USAF used the B-66 in secondary roles such as reconnaissance, electronic warfare and weather reconnaissance.

Specifications (RB-66B)





Type: Bomber
Engines: two 10,200 lb (4627 kg) thrust Allison J71-A-11 turbojets
B-66: U.S. Air Force, bomber
RB-66:  U.S. Air Force, reconnaissance
EB-66: U.S. Air Force, ECM
WB-66: U.S. Air Force, weather reconnaissance

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