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Douglas A3D/A-3 Skywarrior

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The Aircraft

The A3D Skywarrior originated from a U.S. Navy requirement in 1947 for an attack bomber with strategic (read it nuclear) strike capability.  The prototype first flew in 1953 and production deliver in 1956.

An inter-service agreement in 1962 redesignated the Skywarrior as the A-3.  The

A-3 was little used as a strike aircraft but performed many secondary roles such as reconnaissance, electronic warfare and in-flight tanker.

The U.S. Air Force version of the Skywarrior was the B-66 Destroyer.

Specifications (A-3B)





Type: Attack
Engines: two 10,500 lb (46.7 kN) thrust Pratt & Whitney J57-P-10 turbojets
A3D: U.S. Navy (pre-1962)
A-3: U.S. Navy (post-1962)
RA-3: U.S. Navy, reconnaissance
EA-3: U.S. Navy, ECM
KA-3: U.S. Navy, tanker

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