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North American B-45 Tornado

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The B-45 was designed to counter the threat of German jet fighters in World War II.  Aiming at a quick delivery time,  North American proposed a straight forward design with minimal development time.

The XB-45 first flew in 1947.  The Tornado served as an interim jet bomber from 1948 to 1958 until the larger and faster Boeing B-47 came on-line.  Although the B-45 never saw combat, the RB-45 reconnaissance version was used early in the Korean War.

Specifications (RB-45C)





Type: Bomber/Reconnaissance
Engines: four 6,000 lb (2722 kg) thrust General Electric J47-GE-13 turbojets
NA-130: North American design number
B-45: U.S. Air Force bomber
RB-45: U.S. Air Force reconnaissance version

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