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Model Military Number Name
1943 Yak-3    
1945 Yak-11    
1975 Yak-50    
1976 Yak-52    
1981 Yak-55    

Yakovlev was formed as a separate design bureau in 1934 and is now a joint-stock company.  Yakovlev is famous for its World War II fighters and still specializes in light aircraft, fighters, business and small commercial jets.

Note: Following the Soviet method of designating aircraft, Yakovlev was a design bureau and not a manufacturer of aircraft.  The Russian aircraft industry is in the process of adapting itself to the new economy by integrating design bureaus and production facilities.

1924: Aleksandr Sergeyevich Yakovlev builds his own glider with Ilushin's help.

1924: Joins VVA as a labourer.

1927: Designs own aircraft, the AIR-1 two-seat biplane.

1934: The Yakovlev OKB (design bureau) is formed.

1945: During the Great Patriotic War over 37,000 Yak fighters (Yak-1/3/7/9) are built.

1992: Design bureau is reorganized as the Yakovlev Aircraft Corp.


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