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Taylor Aircraft

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Model Military Number Name
1941 D L-2 Grasshopper
Taylor Brothers Aircraft Corp was founded in 1929 by C. Gilbert and Gordon Taylor at Rochester, NY.  When Gordon died, the company was moved to Bradford, PA where William Piper joined.  Taylor Brothers failed in 1931.

William Piper bought the assets and, with C. Gilbert Taylor, started again as Taylor Aircraft Co.  A personality clash led C. Gilbert to leave in 1936.  He started Taylorcraft Aviation in the same year.  This company declared bankruptcy in 1946.

C.G. Taylor then formed Taylorcraft Inc. (1949-1958).  Others resurrected the company in Alliance, OH as Taylorcraft Aviation (1968-1986) and as Taylorcraft Aircraft at Lock Haven, PA (1992-????).

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