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Short Brothers

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Short Brothers was one of the oldest aircraft companies in the world, starting with the world's first aircraft construction contract in 1909 to build Wright Flyers.

Shorts was famous for its bomber and torpedo carriers of World War I and flying boats in the twenties and thirties.  Its main products of World War II were the Stirling bomber and Sunderland flying boat.

Shorts was acquired by Bombardier of Canada in 1989.

1902: Eustace, Oswald and Horace Short start making balloons for sale.

1908: Form Short Brothers Ltd to build Wright Flyers.

1934: Short Brothers acquires Pobjoy.

1936: Air Ministry builds factory in Belfast for Short & Harland Ltd, 50% owned by Short Brothers.

1943: Government takes over management and merges Short Brothers with Short and Harland to form Short Brothers and Harland Ltd.

1947: All wartime factories closed and operations concentrated in Belfast.

1977: Renamed Short Brothers Ltd.

1984: Renamed Short Bros. plc (Shorts for "short").

1989: Shorts is acquired by Bombadier, eventually losing its separate identity.

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