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SIAI Marchetti

Aircraft  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1952 FN.333   Riviera
1964 F.260    
1969 S.M.1019     
This company was founded on 12 August 1915 as the Societa Idrovloanti Alta Italia (SIAI).  The name is now lost as part of the Agusta Westland helicopter consortium.


1915: SIAI is formed to build FBA flying-boats under license.

1922: Alessandro Marchetti joins the company which changes its name to Savoia-Marchetti.

1943: After Italy becomes a co-belligerent, Savoia-Marchetti maintains its aircraft used by the Allies.  Re-organizes itself as SIAI-Marchetti.

1951: Company goes bankrupt

1953: Company withdraws from liquidation and is successful focusing on light aircraft.

1977: SIAI Marchetti begins work with Agusta on helicopter work

1983: Becomes a subsidiary of Agusta.

1997: SIAI Marchetti is taken over by Aermacchi.


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